Sport Psychology Movement Institute

SPMI is a premier mental toughness training company for drivers at every level. At SPMI, drivers develop a champion's mindset while learning research based mental toughness skills to help overcome every competitive situation.

While working with SPMI, Dylan receives comprehensive pre- and post-evaluations, learns sports psychology research and science-based skills, discovers underlying factors that affect his performance, and receives customized routines specific to each race. These sessions are structured to provide Dylan with a mental blueprint in how to prepare his mind before, during, and after his races.

“We are honored to be a part of Dylan’s team and continue to help Dylan excel in his racing career. We have implemented sessions that he is able to specifically learn from, practice, automate, and apply both on and off the track. These sessions ensure that Dylan’s mental toughness is optimized for every situation” — Patrick Alban, Director of Mental Training, SPMI.